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Your Solar Staffing Solution


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are backed by qualified workers in the renewable energy industry that can be made available whenever and wherever you need them.



We support commercially and environmentally sustainable businesses through expert renewable energy staffing and custom project services. Our work with North America’s leaders in solar energy development, we know that your renewable energy project depends on having a qualified, experienced field workforce, precisely when and where you need them and without the burden of keeping a full-time workforce on your payroll.

BLUESOURCE assembles teams of reliable, experienced renewable energy employees to build, manage and maintain renewable energy projects. 

We are proud to offer:

  • An extensive track record supporting renewable energy power generators, manufacturers (OEMs), installers and other service providers.

  • Combination of project planning and renewable energy staffing support.

  • Expertise in workforce management and logistics for assigned workforce team.


Our solar energy staffing experts understand your demand for proven industrial experience in every candidate we provide and will work with you throughout the project to adjust the workforce.  


BLUESOURCE has a proven track record of service and would welcome the opportunity to work alongside you on your next renewable energy project. 






From early stages of land clearing to electrical trenching.


From moving product around sites to frame assembly to panel installation.



From pipe installation to punch down to energizing panels.



Connecticut, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, California



              Corporate Office

4625 Creekstone Drive, Ste. 130

           Durham, NC 27703